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Acoustic Walls QuickSpace
Acoustic Walls QuickSpace

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Acoustic Wall Types

Type Height Width Surface Persons (seated)  Color
M180 1.8 meter 1.0 meter N/A N/A Any RAL


Acoustic Walls or Soundproofing Partition Walls


  • QuickSpace acoustic partition walls are modular walls with a very high acoustic damping by means of several layers of innovative sound-damping material.
  • The partition walls can easily be linked together so that all kinds of wall shapes can be built quickly and flexibly. An ideal way to divide spaces and create privacy and silence.


  • With these acoustic partition walls you can easily create partition walls or separate rooms at your office building, trade fair, event or congress where acoustic damping is important.

Led and Branding

  • These acoustic partition walls contain loops at the top where, for example, banners or posters can be hung.

Installation / Dismantling

  • These acoustic partition walls are easy to install (yourself). The white feet of these walls can easily be slid onto the wall.

Acounstics And Soundproofing

  • These acoustic walls are made of innovative fiber and have the highest acoustic damping of their kind.

Other Requirements

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