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Modular acoustic partition walls

Acoustic partitions made of innovative and recycled fiber or acoustic partition walls with wood finishing, with which a high degree of sound absorption is achieved. Ideal for creating temporary partitions or spaces where work can be done in privacy.


Acoustic wall for office
Acoustic wall of wood
Acoustic walls for events
Acoustic walls for events
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High quality acoustic walls


Acoustic Wall


Acoustic wall made of wood

H 200 / H 240 (WOOD)

Acoustic partition wall


Type M 180
Height 180cm
Width 100 cm
Thickness 5 cm


Suitable for up to n.a. Persons


QuickSpace acoustic partitions are modular partitions with very high acoustic attenuation thanks to several layers of innovative recycled sound absorbing material.

The partitions can be easily connected to each other so that all types of wall shapes can be built quickly and flexibly. An ideal way to divide spaces and create privacy and good acoustics.

  • Optimal sound absorption
  • Modular
  • Easy to place and move
  • Sustainable


  • Porsche
  • zalando
  • Microsoft
  • World Economic Forum
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Estrel-Berlin
  • Messe-Munchen
  • Congress Center Hamburg
  • Messe Dortmund
  • Messe Frankfurt
  • Paypal

QuickSpace is working for many
internationally renowned brands.


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"For events with break-outs or parallel sessions, QuickSpace's domes are ideal. The quick installation is a big plus for our customers, and the LED lighting makes them easily recognizable in the room, contributing to the atmosphere. "

"Working with QuickSpace is always very professional, always friendly support and everything delivered just as agreed."

"Many of our clients had the pleasure of working with QuickSpace materials in the Van Nelle Fabriek. Their design keeps the sound within the subsessions which makes it a pleasant environment for presentations, brainstorms or one-on-one sessions. The LED lighting also adds to the atmosphere on the floor."

"Quickspace is a great company to work with. They are super flexible and always think along with us for the various projects at our location in the Kromhout Hall. Furthermore, they have many possibilities to create separate spaces and the materials are professional. Everything always looks neat! "

"QuickSpace offers unique soundproofing spaces, which we use to create presentation rooms our workshop rooms in our event location. Their solutions really makes us much more flexible in meeting the demands of our customers. "

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