Dome as break out space


Are you looking for an innovative and inspiring temporarily room for an break-out room?


Nowadays there are a lot of technologies on fairs, congresses and events. Every business that stands on a fair, or something else, wants new costumers to come to their stands.
But what do the costumers want when they get on a fair, congress or other event?


The demand to a room where people can relax and where they can process the information they just got, without being disturbed by another business gets more and more.


And as an event location, or an event agency you can’t just skip that demand.
But how can you offer your costumers a room where they won’t be disturbed?


We have a solution for you!


QuickSpace offers a room in room concept, for example domes or other structures, for events, fairs, congresses and more!


The basic is an inflatable structure which is acoustic good and soundproof. This will make sure that your customers can relax and think about some products or businesses without being disturbed.


Beside the fact that it will help your costumers, it also is an innovative and unique design which will stay in the minds of your costumers when they think about the event again.


And best of all? The other businesses won’t be bothered with the break-out room because you can put as much as you want next to each other without getting disturbed by one another, because of the soundproof design.


But how can people see it is a break-out room?


There are a lot of opportunities to make that visible. We have an examples for you.
QuickSpace offers the ability to illuminate the inflatable room with LED.
For example, the break-out rooms can be illuminated in red, which will stand for don’t disturb me. Or any other colour asked.


QuickSpace has a lot of different products, curious? We would love to show you more of our products on our product page.

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