Dome as fair stand


Are you looking for an unique, eye-catching, inflatable fair stand on a fair, event or something else to promote your business?


Nowadays it gets more and more important to have an unique and interesting stand when businesses stands on fairs. When a stand looks interesting, costumers will come more easily.


QuickSpace offers a wide range of products, which will guarantee that costumers want to see what business stands in it. The domes and other structures QuickSpace offers are all unique and innovative. It is a simple solution to have a barrier between your business and the one next to you.


An example for a stand is the inflatable Wall.


In this structure you can put your product, tv screens, etc, which directly will be seen by the costumers. Also it is possible to illuminate the backs and sides of the wall in the colours of your business! This will be even more attractive to the costumers to take a look.


These structures are easy and quick installed and disassembled and will pull the attention to your business.


And say it yourself, when you are walking over a fair yourself and all you see are normal stands with products, it can get a bit boring. But when you see some structure that kind of looks like an igloo on the other side of the room, you get curious what happens in there, especially if the structure is coloured.


This is what will happen when you are in one of them and the costumers sees your room!


QuickSpace has a lot of different products, curious? We would love to show you more of our products on our product page.

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