Domes as workshop space


Are you looking for an innovative and inspiring temporarily room for workshops or brainstorm sessions?


QuickSpace offers different solutions, which can provide you an unique workshop room for your fair, congress or other event. Which solution you may ask yourself?


Well, inflatable rooms, otherwise called inflatable domes or other inflatable structures.


QuickSpace inflatable rooms are innovative, have an eye-catching design and are easy installed and disassembled.


The common colour for the domes are white, but there are opportunities to make the domes another colour. A simple solution that QuickSpace offers are LED techniques, which will illuminate the dome in any colour you want. For example your business has the main colours blue and yellow? QuickSpace can set up the lights in one yellow, one blue, one yellow, one blue, so that your room is coloured blue-yellow. That’s not what you want? QuickSpace can also let the lights switch colours, or do one half blue, one half yellow. There are a lot of opportunities possible!


Beside the change of colours, there are also other benefits when using the domes.
The domes have a good acoustic and are soundproof, which means that you can put for example 4 workshops next to each other, and you will not be disturbed by one another.


Different groups for workshops? That also is not a problem!


With the wide range of products there are a lot of possibilities.
Only room for 4 square rooms? No problem, QuickSpace has it.
Want to do workshops in small groups of 10 people? We have different products for you!


Not a lot of small groups, but two groups of 100 people? Also not a problem for us!


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