domes for conferences


Are you looking for a unique workshop room or subspace which will be temporarily on your congress or conferences?


Nowadays we regularly get the question if it is possible to get (extra) rooms in a bigger room. This is needed for workshops, or just because the general space needs subspaces.
Most of the times it is a must have that the workshop rooms are in the direct surrounding of the congress or conference.


QuickSpace offers unique inflatable rooms, which are temporarily, which can be easily installed close to your congress or conference. In our rooms there is space from 2 till 300 persons.
It also offers a lot of privacy and they are soundproof.


Beside the benefits on the inside, the domes or other structures are also unique in design and have innovative looks.


On our product page, you can find a topical overview of all our domes and other structures, which can be used for product presentations.

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