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Model Length Width Height Surface # Chairs
I-Wall 6 6 m 2.5 m N/A variable
I-Wall 8 8 m 2.5 m N/A variable
I-Wall 10 10 m 2.5 m N/A variable
I-Wall 12 12 m 2.5 m N/A variable
I-Wall 14 14 m 2.5 m N/A variable
  • Inflatable i-walls are the ultimate solution for use on trade fairs, for example, where they can serve as a partition wall or as a stand-back or side.
  • QuickSpace I-Walls are in different lengths (from 6m to 14m) and can be coupled in such a way that unlimited lengths and shapes can be created. By their design they offer optimal sound proofing and acoustics as well.
  • QuickSpace walls can be illuminated in various colors for beautiful effects. In addition, the walls can be used well for example to project on or to place marketing messages.
  • For rental prices of the inflatable Wall and for questions or availability please contact us.
  • All our Domes and structures meet the requirements for fire safety according to the DIN 4102 – B1 standard. The certificate is available on request.