Panorama dome 10m Adobe

Diameter: 8 or 10 meters
Height : 3.2 or 3.7 meters
Floor area : 50 m2 or 79 m2
Number of people : 50 – 80
Color: White

The so-called ‘Panorama Dome’. A very striking structure with an open roof, creating a very spacious and open feeling. The Panorama Dome is extremely suitable for, for example, trade fairs and conferences, where you want to hold a workshop, break-out session or presentation with a group. Because the top is open, the ceiling lighting present on site can also be used.

By applying Panorama Domes you can also divide a large space into different small spaces in a striking and original way, offering plenty of privacy for smaller sessions and sound-insulating through the walls.

The structure has a striking and futuristic appearance, and can be illuminated with LED lighting in various colors as desired. Our Panorama Domes can be installed and dismantled quickly. You can also display your marketing message in different ways, inside and outside the Dome. The Panorama Domes are available in 2 sizes (8m and 10m diameter) and offer space for 50 to 80 seats with, for example, a projector / screen / TV.

For questions or availability of these structures you can contact us.

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