Shell Dome

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Length Depth Height Surface Max. persons Color
6 or 7.5 meter 3 or 4.5 meter 2.5 or 3 meter ca. 20 m2 or 28 m2 15 to 25 White
  • This striking Shell (or shell) structure is particularly suitable for marketing events, trade shows, workshops or presentations. But this space also lends itself well to host a music band or a DJ. The shape of the Shell has a very good acoustic effect, something we’ve heard from many bands and artists.
  • The Shell space is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Shell Space can be easily installed and is easy to transport. With this Shell space, LED lights can be delivered, so that the Shell can be illuminated in any color, both static and dynamic.
  • The material is semi-transparent so that a connection with the space outside the inflatable is maintained.


For rental prices of the inflatable shell and for questions or availability please contact us.


All our Domes and Structures comply with the B1 Fire Safety standard.