Temporary Spaces for Events, fairs and Congresses

Are you looking for temporary space solutions, for example to create rooms at events, trade fairs, cogresses or in office buildings?
QuickSpace offers unique temporary space solutions that meet almost any request. Our temporary space solutions are available in many sizes and shapes and therefore offer space for 1 to 1000+ people.
We already offer our temporary space solutions at many well-known locations throughout Europe, for example in almost all exhibition halls throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Of course, we also offer these temporary space solutions for small event and congress locations.
Our products have some important advantages, such as the very fast assembly and disassembly time. They also offer optimal acoustics and sound insulation. Some of the other benefits can be found below.

The advantages of Temporary Spaces:

  • Guaranteed attention from your audience
  • A very prominent, innovative and futuristic look
  • Easy installation and disassembly
  • No blower sound
  • Inflatables are illuminated by our LED technology in all possible colors
  • Our Domes all have the fire safety certificate B1
  • Sustainable and circular

The application of Temporary Spaces

QuickSpace offers a wide range of different temporary spaces, for different applications and in different sizes. On our product page you will find an overview of the spaces we offer. If you have questions about any of these structures, or would you like advice on how inflatables can be used at exhibitions and events please contact us. We would like to help you to make your event, trade fair or congress a great success! Also, we would be pleased to draw a plan of your event space so that you get a good picture of how the domes fit in.



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