QuickSpace Inflatable
Domes and Workshop Spaces

QuickSpace inflatable domes, workshop spaces, walls and tents can be used at conferences, trade fairs and events where they can be used, for example, as a temporary break-out space, workshop dome, presentation room, partition or as an exhibition stand. With our inflatable dome products and tents you can easily and very quickly create a unique space, or for example divide a large hall into different sub-spaces. Of course there are many more applications that we would like to discuss with you.

QuickSpace has over 10 years of experience in the design and production of inflatable domes, tents and room in room structures for conferences, events and fairs, and guarantees a wide and very diverse range of products, quality and reliability. QuickSpace supplies its products throughout whole Europe and beyond.


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Our inflatable domes, walls and room in room concepts can be used at conferences, fairs and events in which they can be used as f.i. workshop room, conference room, booth or partition wall. The benefits:


  • Stylish and innovative temporary (workshop) rooms for 1 to 1000+ people
  • Domes with optimal acoustics and sound insulation
  • Minimal assembly and disassembly time
  • No fan noise
  • Sustainable and circular


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With QuickSpace you can create unique workshop spaces instantly, for meetings, one-on-one conversations or training and courses. Our inflatable workshop spaces provide optimal acoustics, so that they can also be placed right next to each other. We offer these temporary workshop spaces in various sizes and designs, suitable for groups from 1 to 1000+ people.


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Domes from small to big

Our domes and room in room structures are diverse in both design and format. Whether it is a single shell structure or Office Pod, for example for a product presentation or 1 on 1 meetings, or break-out areas for 1,000+ people, together with you we look for a nice and appropriate solution.

Also our domes and room in room structures offer optimal acoustics and soundproofing, regardless the design or size of the dome. Ask our experts for advice or a quote.


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Domes with optimal soundproofing and no fan noise

One of the important benefits of QuickSpace Domes and room in room solutions is that they are designed in such a way that they offer optimal acoustics and sound proofing. In this way, you can place multiple domes next to each other without sound transfer between the domes or the plenary session.

Dividing an event hall with e.g. 10 or more Domes will be an optimal solution when you are in need of separate subspaces.

Also our small unique blower technique is totally silent, so you will not hear (and see) it at all.


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