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Inflatable Office Types

Length Width Height Surface Max. persons Color
6.8 meter 4.8 meter 2.6 meter 25 m2 to 30 m2 25 – 30 White


An Inflatable Workshop Room


  • An Inflatable Office is an inflatable workshop room and extremely suitable as a temporary (closed) presentation space, workshop space, meeting space or office space, for example for your conference or event. By applying Inflatable Offices you can also divide a large space into different small spaces in a simple and original way, which offer plenty of privacy for smaller sessions and are also optimally sound-insulating.


  • The Inflatable Office Dome is very suitable for smaller groups of up to 25 – 30 people (seated in theater style). The Office can be used, for example, as a break-out space at a conference or trade fair. The open roof provides optimal ventilation. The entrance to the Office Dome can be widened or narrowed, and can also be closed completely for optimal privacy.

Led and Branding

  • The Inflatable Office domes can be illuminated in any desired color by means of our LED bars (also remotely).
  • There are also different ways of branding the Office Domes. For example:
    – Placing banners or TVs in and around the Office Dome
    – Hanging banners or posters (there are loops at a height of 2 meters both inside and outside the Office Dome)
    – Projecting logos or other messages by means of projection technique.
    – The color of the LED lighting that can display a particular theme.

Installation / Dismantling

  • The Inflatable Office dome can be installed and dismantled quickly and easily by our team. Because this can be done so quickly, it is also possible, for example, to convert a large plenary hall into a hall with various break-out areas in a short time (for example lunch break), so that a hall can have multiple functions during an event day.

Acounstics And Soundproofing

  • Due to the curved design of the Inflatable Office dome and the various insulating air layers, this structure has optimal acoustics and soundproofing. This also allows multiple Office Domes to be placed next to each other, without sound transmission between the workshop groups.
  • The small blower is also completely insulated, so that it cannot be heard at all.

Other Requirements

  • Only a normal power supply of 220V is required for the installation of the Office Dome.
  • All our domes and structures meet the requirements for fire safety according to the DIN 4102 – B1 standard. The certificate is available on request.