Panorama Dome

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Model Diameter Height Surface # Chairs
Panorama dome 8 8 m 3.2 m 50 m2 50
Panorama dome 10 10 m 3.7 m 80 m2 80
Panorama dome 12 12 m 3.7 m 95 m2 110
Panorama dome 14 14 m 3.7 m 130 m2 150
  • A real eye-catcher at your conference or exhibition floor! The so-called ‘Panorama Dome’. A very impressive and striking structure with an open roof, creating a very spacious and open experience.
  • The Panorama Dome is ideal for trade fairs and conferences, where you want to hold a workshop, break-out session or presentation with larger groups.
  • Because the top is open, the ceiling lighting available on site can also be used.
  • By applying Panorama Domes you can also, for example, in a striking and original way divide a large space into different small spaces, which offer plenty of privacy for smaller sessions and are sound-insulating by the hight and thick walls.
  • The structure has a striking and futuristic appearance, and can be illuminated with LED lighting in different colors.
  • Our Panorama Domes are quick to install and disassemble.
  • You can also show your marketing message in different ways, inside and outside the Dome.
  • The Panorama Domes are available in 4 diameters (8m, 10m, 12m and 14m diameter) and offer space for 50 to 150 seats with eg beamer / screen / TV.
  • The material is semi-light permeable so that a connection with the space outside the inflatable is maintained.
  • For rental prices of the Panorama Dome and for questions or availability please contact us.
  • All our Domes and structures meet the requirements for fire safety according to the DIN 4102 – B1 standard. The certificate is available on request.