Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role at events and conferences, for all involved, including visitors. For QuickSpace suistainability has always been an important topic and so we see this as a very positive development.


No waste

Waste is an big topic in the event industry. Stands can be set up to fill the biggest venue halls within the shortest of times, which unfortunately leads to the production of vast amounts of waste. For example, flooring that is only used once, or temporary rooms that have been constructed from wood or other panel material for one-time use.

One advantage of using QuickSpace domes/walls is sustainability – no waste is produced when using QuickSpace room-in-room products. They are quick to assemble and disassemble and then cleaned in an environmentally friendly manner.


Reuse and circularity

At the end of the life cycle of our products, the material is used to produce products such as bags and covers, which contribute to a recycling economy. We work together with various partners.


Low energy consumption

QuickSpace only works with devices that are very energy efficient. For example, we only use LED technology in our lighting, and we work with domes und structures that have a very low energy consumption. Did you know that a dome for 50 people uses less than €0.55 of electricity per day?

Furthermore, QuickSpace can transport its products very efficiently due to the relatively low weight and volume of its products. So we don’t need heavy equipment like big trucks.

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