Inflatable X-Wall
Inflatable cross wall
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Inflatable X-Wall Inflatable cross wall Inflatable wall corner

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Inflatable X-Wall Types

Model Length Width Height Surface Persons (seated) Color
X-Wall 10 10 meter 10 meter 2.5 meter 4 x 22 m2 Variable White
X-Wall 8 8 meter 8 meter 2.5 meter 4 x 14 m2 Variable White
X-Wall 6 6 meter 6 meter 2.5 meter 4 x 7.5 m2 Variable White
X-Wall 4 4 meter 4 meter 2.5 meter 4 x 3 m2 Variable White


Inflatable Acoustic Walls in X-Shape


  • Inflatable X-Walls are inflatable acoustic walls in X-Shape and are the ultimate for use at fairs and conferences, for example, where they can be used to create 4 separate rooms / meeting corners in an original and efficient way.


  • Inflatable X-Walls can be used to create 4 separate corners where, for example, meetings can take place, products can be presented, or catering can be placed.

Led and Branding

  • The X-Walls can be illuminated in any desired color by means of our LED bars (also remotely).
  • There are also different ways of branding the inflatable X-Walls. For example:
    – Placing banners or TVs in and around the X-Walls.
    – Hanging banners or posters (there are loops at a height of 2 meters both inside and outside the X-Walls).
    – Projecting logos or other messages by means of projection technique.
    – The color of the LED lighting that can display a particular theme.

Installation / Dismantling

  • The X-Wall can be installed and dismantled quickly and easily by our team. Because this can be done so quickly, it is also possible, for example, to convert a large (plenary) hall into a hall with different rooms / walls in a short time, so that a hall can have multiple functions during an event day.

Acounstics And Soundproofing

  • Due to its design and insulating air layers, this X-Wall offers optimal acoustics. By using these walls, spaces can be separated from each other, whereby sound transmission is minimized.
  • The small blower is also completely insulated, so that it cannot be heard at all.

Other Requirements

  • Only a normal power supply of 220V is required for the installation of the X-Wall.
  • All our domes and structures meet the requirements for fire safety according to the DIN 4102 – B1 standard. The certificate is available on request.